Anti-Slavery International

A £4,000 ERSF grant to Anti-Slavery has been put twards core funding for its ‘Forced Child Begging in Senegal’ international project.

The purpose of the project is to eradicate the practice of enslaving children in Koranic schools, forcing them to beg on the streets rather than delivering educational provision and safe and comfortable living conditions.

Most of the children, aged five to 15 years, come from remote rural areas and some are even trafficked from neighbouring countries. This makes every child involved highly vulnerable because they are entirely dependent on the daara (Koranic School), and the Koranic teacher.

Far from their parents and villages, and living in squalid conditions, they are impoverished, vulnerable to disease and poor nutrition, and subject to physical and emotional abuse if they fail to meet their finanical ‘quota’ from begging.

Anti-Slavery International aims to reduce the practice in two ways – firstly, reducing forced begging by promoting modern Koranic Schools which deliver a full curriculum in a safe environment; and secondly, to improve the Senegal givernment’s enforcement of anti-begging legislation.

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