BCCT new venture

An ERSF grant of £15,000 was awarded to the BCCT to help fund a new venture entitled Human Growth and Enterprise Development.

The aim is to identify, educate/train and mentor young men and women from across India, with priority given to those considered to be disadvantaged by their lack of education, money or background, towards an entrepreneurial or vocational future.

The vast bulk of the money was used to equip a new facility with furniture, teaching aids and equipment within the Institute of Inspiration and Spiritual Development’s new tower building – a complete floor of the building graciously offered free of charge.

“The ‘seed-corn’ funding granted by ERSF set off a sequence of unexpected ut welcome events which has led to the full development of and expansion of the Indian Professional Service Organisation project in an extremely short time frame,” said BCCT manager Graham Smith.

“Such has been the success that IPSO is now virtually self-sustaining, attracting support across a wide spectrum of institutions in India and abroad.”

Grant Entry