British Schools Exploring Society

The British Schools Exploring Society has received a £9,500 boost thanks to a grant from ERSF.

The British Schools Exploring Socety is a pioneering youth develpment charity aiming to nurture leadership, confidence and teamwork in young people aged 16 to 23. The broad objective is to support personal development through adventure and field study on challenging scientific expeditions in remote wilderness areas overseas.

“We pride ourselves in our unique approach to youth development,” said Executive Director Lt Gen Peter Pearson. “We select individuals, not groups of school friends to go on our expeditions that are very much about self-enlightenment and fulfilment. The so-called ‘inner-journey’ is every bit as important as the more obvious outer journey undertaken.”

Although volunteer expedition leaders give their time for free – paying for thier own flights and even contributing towards the cost of their food, the British Schools Exploring Society still needs to raise a large sum each year “simply to turn over”.

Lt Gen Pearson said: “The ERSF grant has helped us to secure our future and enabled us to develop leadership and confidence in young people from all corners of society.”

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