Calcutta Rescue Talapark Clinic

Calcutta Rescue’s Talapark Clinic has been renovated thanks to an £8,000 grant from ERSF.

Talapark has been running for last 15 years, with the maximum number of patients attending the clinic. It was last renovated in 1995 and needed urgent renovation and reconstruction. Now,with overall renovation and improved working conditions Calcutta Rescue will have the opportunity to offer improved quality of service to the patients.

The money was spent on renovation/construction of rooms for Mother and Child health, Physiotherapy & Disability Projects, Health Education and Wound Care/Dressing. It has made the clinic cleaner, safer and more hygienic. Better facilities are available to the patients who go to the clinic, in the form of clean and safe drinking water area, toilet facilities and waiting areas.

With new computers & other Assets the administration system will improve considerably with better recording and filing system.

Grant Entry