Child Welfare Scheme

A £5,000 grant from ERSF to the Child Welare Scheme was used for the construction of a deep tube bore hole to provide clean water for a new Asha Clinic constructed in the slum area of Pokhara in Nepal.

The new water supply benefitted annually some 11,000 child patients and more than 1,000 people living without sanitation. The money was used to pay half the cost of drilling, lining and capping of the bore hole with the addition of providing all necessary pumps, power supply and water controls.

The Asha Clinic health centre (acting as a service hub) provides primary health care services including Outpatient surgery, Laboratory testing and medicine dispensing for poor children and their mothers, children and youths living or working on the streets. These patients are economically assessed before being offered the chance to join a special membership scheme called ‘Hamro Asha’ (‘Our Hope’) of which there are over 10,000 members to date.

Grant Entry