Ghosi – Zainabiya Child Sponsorship Scheme

Update: – The school in Ghosi is taking shape and having constructed the ground floor with nine classrooms, the contractors are close to completing the first floor too, with nine classrooms. Finishing is required on the ground floor, and this has been promised for completion by 30th June 2008.

As the Monsoon season has set in, the construction and finalisation of the first floor, is scheduled to be completed by end of July/August 2008. Nevertheless, once the ground floor has been concluded, the children will be able to start school which is scheduled to commence early August 2008.

Each floor in the school has been equipped with washroom facilities with good running water too. Aimed at providing educational facilities for approximately 370 children, the school has been planted in a location where there is empty land surrounding it, so should the need to expand arise, the possibility to do so is there. There is a fair sized playing field within the school compound for sports and recreational activities, which is also being worked upon to complete for the start of the school term.
School with first floor under construction

To date, approximately £62,500.00 has been spent on the project. Given the rising prices of land and materials, it was decided to construct both, ground and first floors together. Of the £62,500.00 spent various expenses have been borne ranging from generators for electricity to planting of bore wells, contractor fees which include the materials and construction to purchase of land. We envisage a cost of £12,500.00 for the first academic year which begins in August 2008, bringing the total expenditure to £75,000.00. We are extremely grateful to the ERSF board, for the initial £25,000.00 of which we are in receipt of.

Although the school is located slightly away from local dwellings, the Government of Mau (Local Government) upon the initiation of this school, have constructed a road from the town to the school. This road is in its final stages of completion and we have been promised, that weather permitting, this will be completed prior to the start of the academic year.

Attached to this document are the accounts of expenditure for your reference. You will notice from the details mentioned afore, that the cost to date and for the first year is £75,000.00. hence we would like to request from yourselves, the ERSF board, if you would kindly consider remitting 2 years worth of funds totalling £50,000.00, so that the earlier costs of construction can be reimbursed and also bearing in mind the costs of the new academic year, which is soon to start.

At this point, we the Zainabiya Child Sponsorship Scheme would like to thank, the Board of the ERSF for their generous support and commitment in helping us to help this small community in the Uttar Pradesh state in India, where poverty is disease, but through education we aim to eradicate this destitution.

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