Special Children’s Educational Institute

A physitherapy room has been built and equipped by the Special Children’s Educational Institute thanks to a £6,500 grant from ERSF. The much-need space can now accommodate a large variety of equipment which is able to provide a variety of exercises that were not being addressed before as well as exercises for the day to […]

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Victory Rural Development Society 2013

Victory Rural Development Society has used its £9,920 ERSF grant to help finance coaching centres for children without any support. The money went towards education materials, teachers’ pay, refreshments and nutritional supplements plus a healthcare programme. Children who have benefited from the coaching classes are from the poorest communities in the remote and tribal region. […]

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ERSF money has helped empower school going children, aged six to 12 years, with personal safety skills to protect themselves from sexual abuse. The £5,000 grant to Arpan has also been used to teach parents and teachers with prevention and intervention skills to protect and help children who have been sexually abused. The Personal Safety […]

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Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund

Transforming the lives and opportunities of the pupils of Kifuyo Primary School, and helping to alleviate poverty, is what the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund has been doing with its ERSF grant. The £7,800 was used to renovate six classrooms, purchase 100 three-seater desks and a 20,000 litre water tank for the school in the […]

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Sane and Enthusiast Volunteers’ Association of Calcutta

Some £8,000 from ERSF to Sane and Enthusiast Volunteers’ Association of Calcutta has been spent in support of a number of purposes. Money has gone towards operating a model Mental Health Facility-cum-Rehabilitation Centre, Clubhouse and Outdoor Clinic for extending treatment to the mentally ill. The Outreach Unit for bringing mentally ill people languishing in prisons […]

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