Prisoners Abroad

Some 15 ex-offenders were able to establish themselves in the UK after their release from prisons overseas in 2009 thanks to a £20,000 ERSF grant to Prisoners Abroad.

As ex-prisoners returning from overseas do not have any statutory help when they arrive, they are at high risk of becoming homeless and destitute, according to the charity. Without support the risk of re-offending is high.

Prisoners Abroad helps by finding emergency accommodation, paying the first few weeks rent, a toiletries starter pack, travel card, pen and paper and money to buy food as well as establishing the indiviudal needs of each client (making the appropriate referals) and providing emotional support and guidance.

“We can’t emphasise enoug the value of this grant and how it has benefitted our work,” said Prisoners Abbroad Deputy Chief Executive Thomas Executive. “It’s not always easy raising funds for clients who face stigma and prejudice because of their conviction.

“We rely on a small number of funders who take a humanitarian view and understand that ex-offenders need a second chance if they are going to lead crime-free lives. This not only directly benefits individuals, it also contributes to the general well-being and safety of our communities.”

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