Prisoners Abroad 2013

ERSF made a grant of £5,000 to the organisation Prisoners Abroad to support ex-prisoners with resettlement in the UK after imprisonment overseas.

The money helped provide a life-line support to vulnerable ex-prisoners in the two to four months following their release and return to the UK.

“Over 80% of opur resettlement clients have lived outside the UK for five years or more, according to a recent survey,” said Prisoners Abroad Trust Fundraiser Jo Bedingfield. “this means they don’t have anywhere to stay on return to this country. Even if they have family living here they may have become estranged from the in the months and years they have bee absent.

“Thanks to the support of ERSF we helped a total of 189 ex-prisoners, 79 0f whom were new to our Resettlement Service.”

Services offered include emergency homelessness grants, grants for food, help with finding permanent accommodation, grants for travel, and access to welfare benefits, medical help and jobs/training.

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