Prisoners Abroad

ERSF has helped support ex-prisoners with their resettlement in the UK after imprisonment overseas with a £10,000 grant to Prisoners Abroad.

The money was used to fund the on-going work of the charity which provides a life-line to vulnerable ex-prisoners in the two to three months following their release from prison and their return to the UK.

“These prisoners need urgent support in the form of grants for food and help to access welfare benefits,” explained Prisoners Abroad Trust Fundraiser Jo Bedingfield. “Housing provision is one of the single most important services ex-prisoners need to successfully resettle back into the community and it was at the heart of the work supported by the ERSF grant.”

In the first nine months of the grant the charity had helped 114 ex-prisoners, 41 of whom were new to the Resettlement Service. Officers also undertook 786 face-to-face resettlement meetings during this period.

Grant Entry