Prisoners Abroad tackling street homelessness and destitution

Prisoners Abroad have used a £15,000 ERSF grant to tackle street homelessness and destitution – helping ex-prisoners rebuild their lives.

The principle aim of the grant was to prevent Britons returning from imprisonment oversseas becoming street homeless and destitute on return to the UK.

“By meeting their immediate needs for food and housing we were able to give a highly vulnerable group of people a roof over their heads as an important first-step in rebuilding their lives free  from crime,” said Trust Fundraiser Jo Bedingfield.

In all some 128 people were helped within the resettlement team to access emergency accommodation and /or funds of £5 a day. Most were also helped with access to more permanent housing, 33 were given help to access health services and 22 with training and / or employment.

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