Right to Care – Phatsima Khanya Clinic

Right to Care’s Bright Lights project received a £7,500 grant from ERSF – money whch was also used for education, medical equipment, medicines and food parcels.

The Bright Lights project was initiated to establish educational workshops and support groups for Right to Care’s clinic children; and ERSF enabled the renovation of a Wendy House plus the creation of a warm and comfortable classroom/playroom.

The Bright Lights Feeding Scheme provides patients with monthly food parcels – some 300 parcels per month which are hugel appreciated by patients and make an enormous difference to their lives.

“A substantial part of the ERSF donation was used for food parcels for the feeding scheme,” said a Right to Care spokesman. “We also used funding from ERSF to get medicines which help give comfort and healing to our patients.

“The grant has allowed us to realise many dreams which have made significant differences to our patients’ lives.”

Grant Entry