Rural Women’s Development Trust 2010 grant

A £9,500 ERSF grant to the Rural Women’s Development Trust has benefitted some 165 children through a programme of five evening coaching centres for drop-outs. The money helped a further 124 youths develop their skills in Areca nut plate making.

This training also focussed on the quality of areca nut leaf materials, marketing skills, work rates and profit margins.

RWDT Managing Trustee, Ms V Umashankari, said: “We have an idea to form a community college in the name of the Roshan Training Institute to provide skill development training, vocational training under eco-friendly products and income generation programmes particularly for the poorest of the poor.

“The trades will be vermin compost production, organic manure, areca nut plate making, computer software education, tailoring and embroidery.”

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