SEVAC in 2013

An £8,000 ERSF grant to SEVAC has been put to good use with its work with those suffering from mental health issues.

The money has gone towards:

Operating a model  Mental Health Facility-cum-Rehabilitation Centre, Clubhouse Outdoor Clinic for extending treatment to the mentally ill as well as facilitating their rehabilitation by involving them in Activity of Daily Life, Psychosocial Trainings and Occupational Therapy; operating the Outreach Unit for bringing the mentally ill persons languishing in prisons and custodial institutions under the purview of treatment and care; imparting Mental Health & Human Rights Training to the Police Officers, Prison Personnel, Nurses, Anganwadi Workers and  NGO personnel working across the country because they often work as the frontline respondent of the vulnerable mental patients; intensifying an Effective Advocacy  with the active support of the National Human Rights Commission, different State Human Rights Commission and Stalwart  Human Rights Activists with an aim to promote the mental health & human rights scenario of the country as well as to address all mental health issues as human rights issues .

Grant Entry