Team Leader for Amber Foundation

A grant of £23,650 ERSF grant has helped fund the salary of a Team Leader at Amber. Involvement of the staff is essential in al aspects of the progression of an Amberteer and a Team Leader at some time will be parent/mentor/policeman and friend to members of their team as well as their tutor overseeing a range of activities and training designed to help Amberteers tackle any issues they may have, develop their interests, discover their strengths and learn how to live and work successfully with others.

A spokesman for the Foundation said: “The way we classify success is to record Amberteers leaving to work, to voluntary work, to a college course or having achieved a major goal.

The  ‘major goal’ category recognises that personal achievements, such as staying clean from drugs, being re-united with family or moving into suported housing with the skills and confidence to live independently, are just as important and worthy of recognition as the hard outcomes and more often than not Amberteers leaving in this category get a job at a later date.

“The ‘voluntary’ category is for Amberteers who will never be able to hold down a permanent full time job, generally due to minor mental health issues, but they are able to take on voluntary work and this is a major achievement for them. In all cases they leave us into suitable accommodation.

“In 2009 our success rate was 84% representing 47 leaving into work, 23 into college, 3 into voluntary work and 28 achieving a major personal goal such as being re-united with their family and leaving employable having come to Amber unemployable. All left into sustainable accommodation.”

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