The JMK Trust

The JMK Trust has used a £2,000 ERSF grant to fund a regional programme for theatre directors around the UK. The money has helped deliver 17 workshops across the country, reaching 184 directors.

“We will deliver at least 18 more workshops in autumn 2014,” explained The JMK Trust General Manager Jo Holding. “The grant enabled us to carry on our regional programme, particularly in the period earlier in the year when we were waiting for further funds to come in.

“We have expanded to work with eight regional venues, having started the programme with five in 2012. In adition we have developed a forum on the JMK website where the regional directors involved in the programme can post ideas, comments, questions and opportunities to share with others in their group and with those in other groups around the country. We have 325 directors signed up to our forum.”

Grant Entry