Vidya Sagar

The Vidya Sagar’s Early Intervention Project benefitted from a £7,800 ERSF grant.

Early Intervention caters to the special needs of children with multiple disabilities up to the age group of six years.

It is a support system of coordinated services for children with disabilities and their families. Children whose special needs are identified and addressed during these crucial early years have a greater chance of reaching their full potential.

Th ERSF funding especially helped Vidya Sagar in organising four outings and purchasing teaching learning materials.

“The outings have helped the children to learn through the environment and helped us to build a positive and better rapport with the family andextended family members,” said Charity Director Mrs Rajul Padmanabhan.

“The teaching learning materials purchased have helped enhance teaching in classroom. It has also made learning exciting for the children. The therapeutic aids have helped enhance their various therapeutic needs in a fun way.

“The 5 in-house workshops conducted for parents were very informative for the parents and gave the staff an opportunity to clarify the queries of the parents.”

Grant Entry