WZO Pourchista Skills Centre

Pourchista Skills Centre and Senior Citizens Centre benefited from a £18,500 ERSF grant to the World Zoroastrian Organisation.

The money went towards staff costs, equipment, food for senior citizens, entertainment and subsidised training and expenses for students.

“The Iranian Zoroastrians are often overlooked by their fellow Zoroastrians in the west,” said a WZO spokesman. “Economically they are the weaker sections or our community. With ERSF help we have extended help towards the young and old.”

Throughout the summer holidays some 300 students attended 16 different course subjects at the Skills Centre including leather work and the special mixed gender course for reporters which attracted students from Kerman and Tehran as well as Yazd itself.

At the Senior Citizens Day Centre there are 80 enrolled members with regular new enquiries coming in pushing the numbers up. Between 18 and 20 members attend each day and are given a midday meal. Doctors are in attendance twice a week to condcut medical checks on anyone who wants one.

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