Youth Assist

For the second year ERSF has generously supported Youth Assist, a project that has trained 80 rural youth and enabled them to establish their own businesses, secure better employment opportunities through our vocational training projects and go on to attend college.

Once again this project has been a great success and with the £25,000 donated the charity has been able to provide better equipment, more intensive support on a one-to-one basis for those that need it, and extra activities such as sports and more intensive English classes.

Non-formal Vocational Training for young people between the ages of 15 – 20 years old has been one of the prime activities of Assist as it helps the next generation to enter into a new life and avoid a life of extreme poverty, with very few prospects of ever managing to better themselves or those in their family or community. It is important to stress that although the project directly supports 80 young people, the trickle down effect to their immediate families and their communities cannot be under estimated.

Main benefits have been

  • To create confidence and a positive attitude among severely disadvantaged young people from village backgrounds.
  • To empower young women so they can take control of their own lives and see marriage as not the only option.
  • To bring out the hidden skills and talents within adolescents by giving training in a particular skill which can then be used in a vocation.
  • To develop social manners as well as self-discipline.
  • To enable them to stand on their own and attain self-dignity and pride in society.
  • Ultimately to have a sustainable living standard helping them and their families and in some cases their villages.

The grant paid for the following:

  • Accommodation, food, clothes for all 80 young people;
  • course equipment; course tutors; examinations;
  • funding to establish work units and equipment;
  • sports equipment
  • on-going support and advice particularly for those establishing work units.

Grant Entry