Bicycle Ambulances

The Rotary Club of Epsom donated funds to AMECA to purchase three bicycle ambulances, in order to assist with transport of patients from some of the more remote villages in the in the AMECA Clinic catchment area in Malawi

The Ambulances were donated to the villages of Ching’ombe, Solobala and Masajiri; record books were given to the chiefs of these villages to record patient use and determine future requirements for these ambulances. Data was collated on dates, times, patient details, guardian details and clinical condition, as far as this was known. The chiefs also took responsibility for signing in the ambulances after use.

Following update reports, which demonstrated that the village chiefs were keeping excellent records and making good use of the bicycle ambulances, Epsom Rotary Club made a further donation to purchase another six ambulances, for use on other villages.

During a visit to Malawi by a Trustee from ERSF, community members were asked to identify any immediate needs; a request was made for more bicycle ambulances to be donated to some of the other villages.

AMECA met with the chiefs of the villages currently utilizing the bicycle ambulances, together with staff from the clinic to discuss the best use for the donation of further ambulances. A decision was taken to make the donation the villages of Kaning’a, Chiumbulu, Manes Kapeni and Dokotala.