About ERSF

Erach and Roshan were special and extraordinary people. They loved life and whatever they turned their minds to, they did it with determination and purpose.

They met when Roshan was in her early twenties combining working in John Lewis stores as a sales assistant while studying for a degree in social sciences. It was a whirlwind romance but a love that lasted a lifetime.

Shortly after their marriage they went off to live in Afghanistan. Roshan become a teacher in an international school in Kabul and Erach flew Dakota’s, “old tin buckets”, over some of the most dangerous terrains in the world. They both took everything in their stride and had a true pioneering spirit.

After a few years Roshan and Erach returned to England. Roshan became a social worker for a number of years and Erach started ‘Housemasters’, a company that imported luggage, travel goods and household items.

History of ERSF

The Erach and Roshan Sadri Foundation was founded in August 2005, a year on from the untimely death of Roshan Sadri, in order that the executors of her will are able to fulfill her request to use her legacy for charitable purposes. The fund at its peak was worth approximately £6.25 million. The aim is to ditribute over £7.5Million over the life of the fund direct to charities above all governance and running costs.

The objects of the Charity are for exclusively general charitable purposes according to English law anywhere in the world and in particular by: providing financial assistance for education and welfare purposes; relieving poverty by alleviating homelessness; and assisting members of the Zoroastrian religious faith. Its areas of operation focus mainly on India and the UK. focus mainly on India and the UK.

Erach Sadri
Roshan Sadri