Calcutta Rescue

Calcutta Rescue has been putting money from ERSF to good use.

A grant has developed the infrastructure of the Calcutta Rescue Belgachia Clinic to provide better amenities to the beneficiaries as well as improved service delivery. The clinic then merged with the Calcutta Rescue Talapark Clinic which has also received funds for renovation works – providing a better level of amenities including the waiting room, improved drinking water and toilet facilities..

“After shifting the clinic, Calcutta Rescue has embarked on Sewing Vocational Training to eligible beneficiaries for enhancing their income opportunities,” explained a charity consultant.

Other ERSF money has been put to good use for Vocational Training Urban Kolkata, with 63 students benefitting from courses such as computers, tailoring, beauty therapy and driving.

And the Chitpur Leprosy Clinic has also been dramatically improved enabling it to offer beneficiaries a far more efficient and comfortable service.

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