Calcutta Rescue training programmes

Thirty-eight students enrolled in vocational training with Calcutta Rescue (year 2010-11) for tailoring,driving, computer skills, mobile phone repairing and beauty care – thanks to money from ERSF.

The training programme – given a grant of £5,584 – provides both theoretical training and ‘hands on’ experience of real work. These skills can provide long-term benefits to students who come from families with very low income because of low skilled employment.

Personal development is also important in the programme which also aims to develop life skills especially a feeling of self worth, communication skills and the ability to relate to others.

“Calcutta Rescue’s holistic approach has always been concerned to care for the health, education and the social and emotional needs of its service users,” explained CEO Dr G Rahaman. “Developing ‘routes out of poverty’ is a growing focus of our work.

“The ERSF grant has enabled Calcuta Rescue to equip some of its students to seek employment with the extra advantages of training, newly developed skills and greater self-confidence.”

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