Children on the Edge

Providing a place of safety for 170 homeless refugee Burmese children living in Thailand – through five children’s boarding houses in the Mae Ra Ma Luang Refugee Camp on the Thai-Burma border – was the purpose of an ERSF grant to Children on the Edge.

In fact, the money helped exceed the target of 170 with the charity reaching some 282 children aged five to 18 who have been separated from parental care due to the conflict in Burma.

The grant has provided a safe, caring environment through five Karen Women’s Organisation boarding houses in refugee camps, providing ongoing maintenance of the physical boarding houses and providing boarding house carers to care for the children.

Children on the Edge Grants Officer, Ashley Kuchanny, said: “While providing food and shelter to children on an ongoing basis may not be the preference of many funders, in extreme environments such as this, having the resources available to meet these basic needs of children in the boarding houses is crucial.”

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