Corby Furniture Turnaround Project

A training programme for those with special needs went ahead thanks to the Corby Furniture Turnaround Project and a £5,000 grant from ERSF.

It proved to be essential funding at a time when the organisations annual grant from the county council was withdrawn due to budget cutbacks.

“There is no doubt that without ERSF’s help our ability to provide a training programme would have ended,” said Project Manager Andrew Spalding.

The Corby Furniture Turnaround Project helps to develop and promote the social welfare and health of people in the area – working hard to protect and support the environment by collecting donated furniture and passing it on to people in need.

The project has always believed in helping volunteers and trainees develop their skills as a way of improving their opportunities n life. During the year five people have obtained full-time employemnet, three of which have gone into warehouse distribution.

Grant Entry