Death of Trustee Sammy Bhiwandiwalla

We are deeply saddened to inform you that our much loved and respected Trustee Sammy Bhiwandiwalla passed away on 27th December 2020.

We convey our sincere condolences to his wife Ursula, son Cyrus, daughter in law Christine, daughter Nicola, son in law David and his grandchildren – (Cyrus and Christine’s children): Chloe – Rose, Marcus, Reubens; (Nicola and David’s children): Lara, Rhea and Thomas. The family wishes that you will join them in prayers for his dear departed soul.

“He was a wonderful and kind man who devoted his life to helping others for most of his life,” said ERSF Chairman Darius Sarosh. “We are all shocked at his sudden departure and will greatly miss him as a friend and the contribution he made to ERSF.”

Sammy Bhiwandiwalla together with his wife Ursula started their own company in 1970 supporting the foundry and industrial model making industry. After 35 years they decided to call it a day and devote some time to the second generation.

Ursula and Sammy have always taken an active interest in community matters in the UK and were greatly influenced by the actions and sincere beliefs of individuals such as Noshirwan Cowasjee, Shirinbanoo Kutar, Shahpur Captain and many others, that in a changing world it was necessary to create a more balanced and equitable community within the UK.

Sammy joined the WZO Board in 1988 and since then has served in various capacities including being the Chairman of WZO. He served as an ERSF Trustee for the past eight years.

Sammy has done great service to the WZO by securing funds from a range of sources to ensure that its core work of aiding Zoroastrians and making information available about the religion can continue. He was particularly interested in ensuring equality of rights and treatment for all Zoroastrians, particularly recognizing that non-Zoroastrian spouses and their offspring were an integral part of our community and to be treated as equals.

May Sammy’s soul rest in peace

With Profound Sadness,

ERSF Board